7 Steps to a Sustainable Fitness Routine in Dublin 5

Ok, I’ll be honest with you for a long time I didn’t know what was sustainable for me. I like a lot of people struggled to find balance between Training, Work, Family, College, Relationships,  Nutrition and the list goes on. Don’t get me wrong I am in no way prefect now and still struggle form time to time but I am going to let you in on how I manage to manage the basics of Nutrition…and a little more.

By now you’ll have heard me talking about habits(People form habits and habits form futures – Mike Littman). When it come to food “Dieting” simply isn’t sustainable. As I said before, once you return to your old diet habits, you’ll regain any fat you lost and you’ll actually cause severe hormonal changes to your body that it won’t recover from. This is called weight cycling and it’s a horrible reality that plagues dieters because it makes it harder to lose body fat in the future and causes inflammation raising disease risk.

Most people approach fat loss with the mindset that “someday in the future” they will get to stop eating “bad” and start eating healthier. But why does eating healthy have to be a hard?

It might shock you to know that I’ve pretty much tried all forms of dieting before I found out what worked for me. In the past I focused WAY too much on the small stuff that didn’t really matter for fat loss. I went overboard worrying about everything from whether my food was organic to gluten free, to what kind of water I drank, to precise meal timing.

That’s not to say that those things don’t matter of work because in certain situations they absolutely do but it ultimately made no difference to my fat loss because I wasn’t doing the “big things” right from the start… What other gyms and trainers might fail to explain or even tell you is, There is No Magic pill that beats consistency and having a few small habits nailed down each day.

How to make your health and fitness routine sustainable

  • Consistent with workouts and nutrition(Lifting weights will help you gain muscle and lose fat)
  • Don’t Worry about the small stuff. A lot of time people worry about an individual meal or bad snack etc But try to take a step back and look at the week as a whole
  • Try to Eat high-quality food containing Protein and Veg each day to help with nutrient deficiencies- Even if you have a bad meal get back eating properly ASAP
  • Getting plenty of sleep (this will massively help with stress and fat loss)
  • Move, Simply just Move more each day( a 10 minute walk after your last meal)
  • Water…about 1 litre per 25kg body weight
  • Not a habit as such but, Tracking Your Training and Eating Habits for 2 full weeks will give you a great starting point…Keep a Diary

So, what is sustainable for you? In My opinion once you have all of these habits dialled in so you don’t have to think about them and you’ve found a balance both inside and outside of the gym…Fat loss will be easy(er).

Need some help figuring out what is sustainable for you? Contact us at Ignite Health & Fitness and we can help you reach your fitness goals and create programmes that are 100% sustainable for you.