If you’re like me, you are probably really looking forward to the Christmas break. But what can we do to limit damage over the Christmas so as not to ruin all of you good work over the past few months and in 2018?

Here are our 6 best tips for avoiding the most harmful mistakes so that you can maintain your body composition and you sanity over the Christmas.

#1: Avoid The “Ah Sure Its Christmas” Mindset and Make a PLAN

Fat gain is not a given over Christmas. The habits that we have built up in 2018 at Ignite do not have to be thrown out the window. You have full choice of what you do so, Do Not Abandon all self control but rather Plan the Days/Nights that you want to go out.

#2: Do Not Stop Training

A side effect of the “Ah Sure Its Christmas” mindset, people often stop working out . Apart from being good for your sanity training throughout the holidays(even one or two sessions) is great for maintaining muscle mass, which as we know is essential for fat burning. And if you cannot make it to the gym let us know and we will give you a full body workout to do at home. Can’t make it to the gym in the midst of all the Christmas nights out or party prep that’s inevitable in December? Try our 4 Exercise workout and give it a go at home! We guarantee your G&T’s will taste nicer after doing this workout 😉

#3: Stay Hydrated

As The body is composed of up to 80% water it will function much more efficiently with proper water intake and is One of the easiest tricks increase your energy levels, while helping you to stay leaner over the holidays. It also has the added benefit of blunting appetite and help flush the effects of any overindulgence after the celebrating.

#4: Fill Up On Lean Proteins and Veggies

Don’t get us wrong, we want Everyone to enjoy their holidays and it really is fine to enjoy treats and a drink or two. We recommend if you are going to be drinking that you fill up on lean proteins(chicken, turkey etc.) and veggies as they will help with recovery, give you energy and also provide antioxidants that help with removal of toxins form the body.

#5:Relax…You are allowed to have Fun

Sure Enjoy Your Food and Drink, but don’t let it take the focus of your family and friends time. By using steps 1 to 4 and all the habits you’ve built up in 2018 you’re better able to focus on enjoying the season without guilt or negative thoughts about your body.

#6: Set a Goal for 2019 and make it specific to you!!!



Happy Christmas form all at Ignite Health and Fitness!