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by Feb 4, 2019Exercise

Weight Training for Women in Dublin 5

Did you know that weight training is EXTREMELY beneficial for your health and fitness? And it’s not just for men, Weight Training for women has become a lot more popular in recent years which is amazing.

We have seen a huge increase in the numbers of women wanting to start adding weight training into their fitness regimes here at Ignite and we are delighted to be able to offer our MCX or Metabolic Conditioning X Classes here at Ignite Health and Fitness. MCX are our Strength and Conditioning classes. Using the latest sports training drills and movement patterns we have designed each class to get the most out of each and every person in the class.


Each 45-minute class uses a combination of Weight Training, Suspension and TRX training, Ski/Row/Bike machines and body weight exercises burn to most amount of calories in the class and to 48 hours after you have finished training.  You can find out more about our classes here.

Why Are Women Afraid to gain muscle and add weight training to their regime?

Does this sound like you?”I don’t want to get Big and Bulky”…” to muscular”.

I recently had a consultation with a new client and she said the exact same thing ” I don’t want to get Big and Bulky”. Throughout my 10 years plus in the fitness industry, this has to be the most common statement when it comes to female clients I talk with when they talk about their goals.

But it’s Not your fault to think this way…Many women don’t know that having muscle is their best defence against gaining body fat and it will radically improve their overall health.

Here are our Top 4 advantage as to why having weight training and having “more muscle” is beneficial to you.

#1: Lose Body Fat
More muscle means increased metabolism which allows you to burn more fat and calories on a daily basis…

#2: You’ll Be More Toned
I hear it all the time and not just from women. I want to be toned, get fitter and be leaner. If men or women want to get Toned, two things need to happen

(1) You need to lose excess body fat.
(2) You need to increase the size of the muscle cells to provide shape. This DOES NOT mean you have to get Big and Bulky but rather small increase in muscle will give you that toned look.

#3:  Less Stress

I see it all the time, anxiety about food and body fat makes the body feel threatened, leading to an increase in cortisol (stress hormone). Building muscle balances these hormones which in turn will allow for better insulin sensitivity thus giving higher levels of fat burring hormones.

#4: Stronger Body=Stronger Bones

Its known that Women begin to lose bone density as soon as they enter their 30s, with more rapid losses occurring once they hit menopause. Weight training stimulates bone growth throughout the body and helps strengthens tendons, ligaments and other connective tissues too. My Mom started training with me for the first time 8 months ago. Since then she has lost a total of 2 stone in weight and there is no stopping her as she leaner and stronger.

So, if you want to get toned, lean and strong all while having fun we fully recommend weight training. Why not come down and try one of our MCX classes? Or you might prefer to check out our personal training options?

Either way we have a solution for you at Ignite Health & Fitness and our experts’ coaches will guide you through your weight training goals. Contact us today to get you started on your Weight Training journey!